It's TIME for you...

Here at TIME we offer a range of classing and training modules for expecting mums, new parents, working mothers and business / corporate environments. 

The classes run hand-in-hand with our support services and we want to be here for you, for the entire journey. Motherhood can be a daunting new adventure, full of new information, surprises and challenges.  But nobody tells you about the love, the laughter, the pure joy and wonder that being a parent brings.  

We would like to supply you with all the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help you make this a wonderful adventure!


Expectant Couple

Couple's Massage

Available Monthly

A couple's massage class with emphasis on a bit of TLC for mum... from dad... max. 5 couples p/session


£25 p/c

Girl Baby Shower

Working Mum

Available Upon Request

The time has come... after a wonderful maternity, you are heading back to work .  We are here to help!



Public Speaker

Corporate Sessions

Available Upon Request

Get in touch to talk about corporate training and group sessions. 



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Something Missing?

Don't worry... If you don't find what you are looking for, or if you have any suggestions, please get in touch and we will happily tailor to your needs!