The complete antenatal training programme.


The acclaimed bestseller "The Hypnobirthing Book" by Katharine Graves is now available accompanied by KGHypnobirthing's Colour and Calmness Hypnobirthing Relaxation CD together with instructions on how to obtain the Colour and Calmness MP3.


The book is based on the effective and sympathetic approach Katharine Graves has developed over the past 10 years and will appeal to those who have an interest in promoting calm and natural births and positive early years development.


Expectant mothers and fathers will find within this book essential knowledge with skills that release fear, build confidence, and help them look forward positively to the birth of their baby.


Hypnobirthing Teachers, especially those that have been trained by KGHypnobirthing, will find this book inspiring and helpful as they run their own training courses. Midwives will find it invaluable as it throws fresh light on their midwifery practise and re-kindles the inspiration that first brought them into midwifery. All health professionals that take an interest in birth will find it serves as a positive introduction to Hypnobirthing and its growing acceptance in the UK.



The Hypnobirthing™ Book and Relaxation CD


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