Pregnancy Massage

We use a unique blend of massage oils to address a variety of symptoms such as morning sickness, anxiety, stress, whilst working out your aches and creating calm.

Time to Relax

Currently Unavailable

£NA - 1hr 15min

Customised pregnancy massage that promotes relaxation and bonding, soothes nerves and calms tired muscles.

Relax @ Home

Massage at your home

£74 - 1hr 15min

Bespoke pregnancy massage, using our unique hypnobirthing techniques, within the comfort of your own home.




Massage at your home

£74 - 1hr 15min


Massage at your home

£320 - 5 x 1hr 15min

+ 10% OFF Hypnobirthing Courses


Massage at your home

£199 - 3 x 1hr 15min

Relax @ Home


Arrange to visit us or we can come to you...

We are based on the Wirral with easy access to Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales. 


It has been long established that pregnancy massage can improve the health and wellbeing of mums-to-be. Studies have proven that pregnancy massage can help by reducing anxiety, relieve muscle tension, improve relaxation which, in turn, helps improve labour and the health of your newborn baby.


At Time we have created beautiful bespoke treatments that will not only soothe your ailments, but will also begin you on that wonderfully journey of mind, body & soul, helping you to connect with your baby. Our treatments have been expertly developed to encompass our wealth of knowledge about the body in its pregnancy form, understanding all of its physical changes as it lovingly develops your baby.

We offer 'home away from home' treatments, as well as convenient and relaxing home visits. As you approach full-term it can become inconvenient to travel. So we will visit you in the comfort of your own surroundings. 



Eat a light meal so the body can concentrate on natural healing and encourage detoxification. Light and nutricious can be just as delicious...


So that you can get the best out of your treatment today please see take note of the following...


Relax . Rejuvinate . Revitalise

Take the TIME to put your feet up and relax. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Listen to your heart beat and feel your chest rise with each deep breath.  Focus your thoughts towards your baby and listen intently.

Find your happy place... together. 

It's your TIME.

Discover more about our incredibly relaxing pregnancy massages below >

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