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My Little Pudding

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Here at 'Time', I put a lot of emphasis on the use of KG Hypnobirthing techniques. It is through these techniques that we focus on the power of the mind to achieve your goals and empowerment through visualisation. I'm not necessarily referencing the #Instalife style of easily-digestible inspirational quotes, or the out-of-context poignant bikini shot whilst holding a glass of fizz on a yacht: #dreamscancometrue. I am all for inspiring young people to believe in themselves, but my vision is rather more focussed.

It is at this time of year, as winter is upon us and the crisp nights draw in, that we take on a social hibernation and enjoy our creature comforts. This is also my time to bake my families' Christmas puddings. I have a recipe that’s been handed down through my family and I have always had a real connection with this tradition. Baking was something I always shared with my Mam whilst I was growing up and is something I am proudly passing on to my young daughter. Mam would always let me make a wish, turning the mixture three times toward your heart before leaving it to sit overnight. This was a great way to set yourself a little wish-goal for the new year.

Maybe it is because I am a Christmas baby (hint, hint), but I love this time of year. The warm, winter scents would have been my first experience of aroma and cinnamon, nutmeg and mixed spice are my favourite ingredients to bake with. Mam actually went into labour carrying the Christmas tree, a tale I never live down! But it's no wonder that I love the smell of fresh pine needles so much.

So, "how is this relevant?" you may ask...

Well... a Christmas pudding (or cake) is something you have to bake a few months in advance. They taste much better when they have aged.

So, as I was making my puddings over the weekend, I started to think about when I will eat my puddings, in December. Who will I be? What family will be there? Will I devour one entirely to myself or will I share? lol...

I started to think about the pregnant couples who I have taught and supported that are expecting babies in December & January. The parallels between baking & pregnancy can be a great visualisation technique that allows you to focus on cradling your newborn in your arms.

Think of all the ingredients needed to make a Christmas pudding. Every single ingredient is just as important as the next. So too is each step: weighing fruit, washing cherries, adding flour, breadcrumbs, nuts & spice.

As you do this think of all the elements of your baby growing in your womb: developing fingers, toes, nails, hair, and tiny eyelashes.

Once all the ingredients are combined, the pudding mix must be left overnight to mature. Think of how you will then fill your pudding bowls and take in the wonderful aroma as you place each spoonful into a bowl. Just like smelling your babie's head for the first time.

Steaming a pudding properly takes time & patience. It must be kept topped-up with water to avoid drying out. Take this time to reflect on your own diet, thinking about how to keep healthy and remain hydrated, topping yourself up with nutrients and water to promote your babies growth and encourage wellness.

Removing the pudding too early won’t allow it to cook fully and it won't be ready. When the pudding is cooked full-term, take it out and rest it. Leave it to sit in a cool, dry place and just...wait...

"Sometimes the best thing is to do nothing at all"

When the time comes, you can take solace in the fact that you waited for it to be just right, thinking of all those ingredients, the preparation and the cooking time involved. The planning, the effort, the dedication, anticipation, love and commitment... It was all worth it.

Now, take a second to visualise opening that pudding around Christmas time. Who will be with you? Will you be nearing the end of your pregnancy term? Imagine your new baby in your arms, laughing with family around a warm fire and enjoying a nice warm glass of mulled wine...

The wait is over now and it was worth it, as I would say to my pregnant couples in my hypnobirthing class....

"everything is perfect and how it should be"

I’d love to hear your family traditions, especially those around Christmas time, or a nice treat your love to create in the kitchen.

Happy Baking!

Terri Irvin

Owner & Founder

Time: Bump & Beyond

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