From the first touch to the finest detail. It was all born of passion!

TIME: bump & beyond is universal to all mums. We support parents through this beautiful transition of pregnancy and give techniques on how to embrace this wonderful change. By surrendering from fear and changing mindsets mums can nourish their mind, body and soul. TIME offers bespoke emotional and physical support as you embark on this maternal journey.

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TIME has been lovingly crafted and created by Terri Irvin.  Terri has been in the health and wellness industry for over two decades and during her career has been involved in everything from Health Spa Management and Skin Analysis, through to working with some of the top skincare product houses, both in the UK and internationally. As a Spa Consultant, Terri has trained 5-star spas all over the world and her in-depth knowledge of products & ingredients has lead her to be an expert in her field. 



In 2015 Terri became a mother for the first time! This was to be the most fundamental transition in her life that carved a path for the future. Balancing being a pregnant, working woman was the first challenge, but was far from the last (but you can read more about that on our blog...) Since becoming a parent, Terri's interest in the birthing journey & motherhood has grown! Treatment-lead pregnancy, the bodies' 'form' during pregnancy, the passion for a safe and positive birth, understanding of nutrition and successful breastfeeding is all core to her passion to support and mentor new parents on their birthing journey.  

Your Journey


This combination of professional expertise as well as a desire to draw on her own parental experience has naturally developed in a career in nurturing mum's to be. TIME (Terri Irvin Managing Expectations) has developed a bespoke & personal treatment plan for new mothers. Through pregnancy massage you will be introduced to Hypnobirthing.  This allows the body to completely relax and has many health benefits for both mum and baby!

There are regular, monthly classes of Hypnobirthing designed for couples.  Mum-to-be and partner can start to plan the birth from an early stage  and enjoy the positive experience of welcoming their new baby into the world.


Here at TIME we also offer pregnancy massage workshops for couples. This will guide partners with techniques to be able to massage mum-to-be during the onset of labour and also the months before.  The aim is to help calm & relax mum as the couple prepare to welcome their baby into this world. 


Having a baby isn't the end of this wonderful journey... it is just the beginning. This is why we offer a support service that helps breast-feeding mothers from the first days of birth and any day thereafter.  Whether it's advice on nutrition, technique or position, we are here to guide you through and settle your concerns. 


We also offer a 'working mums' package for those who wish to start working again and we offer all the support, guidance and training you'll need to be confident, happy and informed when you do.  

"I created TIME to give mothers the tools to enable them to care for themselves and baby from the very beginning. Expectant mums often ask me "how have you come to know so much?" and, to be honest, I really did have to go in search of those answers. TIME was born so you don't have to look very far.  I have been trained by the very best so let me support you! Many mums have waited for, what feels like, their entire life for that blue line to appear.  TIME will take your hand and guide you through this emotional, yet beautiful, new journey.


Take time out for yourself with baby in mind and open your heart to the wonders of the birthing world. TIME will guide you and sign-post you to the relevant information you need from Bump & Beyond. Most importantly, TIME is there for you as a family so that you can have the support you need during your pregnancy and through birth. This is your TIME...so shine!"

Terri Irvin

Owner & Founder



It's all about you and baby, but here's a snippet about us...



With 20 years experience in the health & wellness industry, plus having our own children...we have the knowledge, the experience and the understanding to give you the best service imaginable!



We are passionate about mums, passionate about pregnancy and passionate about making this your TIME. You deserve only the best. 



With all that passion and experience, we aim to give you the best service possible. From your first contact, right through to hearing your baby's first cry, any beyond!