Everyone is unique. That is why we have prepared a range of hypnobirthing solutions that work around your requirements - from spa breaks to 1-2-1 home sessions.

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Dates available below

from £688 - 2 days (overnight)

Group sessions within Champneys Spa

Relax in luxury whilst enjoying a KGH Antenatal Hypnobirthing weekend spa retreat at Champneys: Tring.

New dates for 2021 available:

February 12th & 13th

June 18th & 19th

August 20th & 21st

  • Luxury overnight stay

  • 12-hour antenatal hypnobirthing group wellness course

  • Meals included

  • Unlimited use of spa facilities

  • Champneys massages

  • Up to 20 different classes

  • Relaxation & therapeutic practices to prepare for birth

  • Audio, literature & goodies

  • Ongoing pregnancy support

  • Stunning historic venue 

  • Ample parking

By Appointment only

£TBC - 2 days

Exclusivity & luxury

Exclusive London spa venue coming Mid 2021

  • Exclusivity

  • Luxury overnight stay

  • Prominent London venue

  • 12-hour custom antenatal hypnobirthing wellness course

  • Meals included

  • Unlimited use of spa facilities

  • Couples' spa treatments

  • Relaxation & therapeutic practices to prepare for pregnancy & birth

  • Audio, literature supplied

  • Gift bag for you and baby

  • Ongoing pregnancy support

Bookings via enquiry

from £274 - per couple

Group sessions at 'Calm Yoga Studio', Church Farm, Wirral, CH61 0HW

KGH certified Complete Antenatal Preparation course in small groups of birthing couples.

Available Dates for 2021:

  • July 18th & 31st

  • September 5th & 19th

  • November 7th & 21st

  • 'Calm' clients get an extra 10% off the above price!

  • Wirral-based venue

  • Calm & serene

  • Log-fire heated, purpose built, equipped studio

  • 12-hour group course split over two days

  • Relaxation & therapeutic practices to prepare you & partner for birth

  • Audio, literature & goodies

  • Ongoing pregnancy support

  • On-site cafe

  • Ample parking

  • Multiple upcoming dates

Home appointments

from £289 - per couple

1-to-1 @ in the comfort of your home

Flexible schedule split across 2 -4 sessions. We will work around your busy timetable & ensure you get the service you deserve, when you need it the most

  • 1-to-1 course for a more personalised experience

  • We come to you

  • Learn in the comfort of your own environment

  • 12-hour course tailored to meet your requirements

  • Flexible sessions, split over 2, 3 or 4 days. 

  • Morning / evening / weekends, it's up to you!

  • Relaxation & therapeutic practices to prepare you & partner for birth

  • Audio, literature & goodies

  • Ongoing pregnancy support

If anything is unclear, or you can't find the dates / venue that you require, please get in touch via info@ti-me.co.uk or feel free to call us on 0770 2738 099

✔️ Bespoke KGH antenatal hypnobirthing, relaxation & wellness course

✔️ Expert pregnancy advice and guidance for you and your partner

✔️ Enjoyable and engaging learning environment

✔️ Tailored support and reinforcement to support the partners involvement

✔️ Audio & Literature to support your learning and relaxation

✔️ Relaxation and therapeutic practices to help you prepare for birth

✔️ Guidance in creating your dream birth-plan(s)

✔️ Time gift bag containing goodies & resources

✔️ Ongoing support on your return home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'hypnobirthing'?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training course which helps you to relax, understand, & take control of your own childbirth experience. It provides the knowledge and tools to help you make the right birth decisions for you & for your baby.

What are the benefits?

Many women enjoy a more comfortable, sometimes pain-free birth, with a shorter labour, with less drugs & medical intervention needed. Birth partners have a central role providing essential support, a truly shared and loving experience. With Hypnobirthing you are likely to experience a natural, calm, comfortable birth. • You may find you don't need any pain relief at all.
• It often shortens the length of labour.
• You will be more alert and in control.
• Hypnobirthing lessens the physical impact of childbirth.
• Your partner is actively involved and will feel confident in knowing they had an active role in the birth.
• Allows your baby to enter the world drug-free and in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness.

Do you have courses in Merseyside / Cheshire?

Yes, we run a course at varying venues across the Wirral such as Church Farm, Thurstaston, St Bridge's Community Centre, West Kirby and Hoylake Community Centre, amongst others. The rooms are spacious, calm and quiet and each venue has been chosen due to a number of convenient requirements, such as ample parking, proximity to local cafes and shops, quiet calm surroundings and accessibility. We regularly list courses with dates for specific venues, however, should you wish to attend a course at a particular location on a date that isn't listed in our bookings calendar, then please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to arrange additional dates.

Do you offer breastfeeding support?

Yes we do, however this is a free service that fits around our working day so appointments can be limited. But don't worry, we will do our best to get to you as soon as we can!

Do you offer exclusive 1-on-1 sessions?

We are delighted to be able to offer 1 on 1 sessions at a location of your choosing (such as your home) as we fully understand that life is hectic... especially with a baby in the way! So we will come to you, when you find it most convenient. Hypnobirthing Courses are typically split over two days. However... if you want to do it over two weekends... no problem. Is four evenings easier for you?... then that's just fine. Get in touch today and we will book you in... your way!

What about refreshments?

Tea & coffee are provided in the breaks. It is advisable to bring a packed lunch or we will be happy to recommend a local cafe, pub, restaurant or shop.

12 hours seems like a long time. Is that in just one session?

The course is split up across two days where group sessions are concerned. For 1-to-1 courses, we remain flexible and can run shorter sessions over 3 or 4 meetings. The whole course is run over approximately 12 hours. Sometimes it can be slightly quicker depending on the size of the group, sometimes it can run longer if anyone requires additional support. We aim to tailor each course to the couples' requirements and will always work around your shedule so you can get the most out of your experience with us!

Can you tell me more?

Our Hypnobirthing courses are held in small group sessions we teach simple and gentle techniques that have a profound effect on your birthing journey. By practicing these techniques during your pregnancy you can release fear and anxiety and build confidence in yourself and your body's ability to birth naturally. Feeling calm and confident during labour helps your body to work effectively by releasing endorphins and your body's natural anaesthetic. Hypnobirthing can reduce the need for pain relief and shorten Labour and you're more likely to experience the natural, comfortable birth. We actively involve the partner and you will both learn skills which will instill confidence about birth and your role as you become parents. Our KG Hypnobirthing Parents' Course is an in-depth, complete antenatal course that will help you give birth in a more calm & comfortable way.